At All Saints in Big Sky, we treasure the rich, diverse, and global musical heritage of the church. We embrace a variety of musical styles in our worship services: European and American classic hymns from the last multiple centuries; lively Celtic music; meditative songs from the Taize community; paperless songs that we learn by ear; beloved African-American spirituals, and more. We are blessed to worship God in many styles and yet with one voice.

All Saints in Big Sky Choir
All Saints in Big Sky Music

In the seasonal place that is Big Sky, our Choir sings seasonally, adding greatly to our worship life. The Choir’s primary purpose is not to perform, but to lead the whole people of God in worship. In addition to singing anthems, the Choir helps the whole assembly sing with more confidence and joy. All are welcome and encouraged to sing in the Choir: Please speak with Pr. Miriam if you are interested in learning more.

All Saints not only enjoys the sounds of piano and organ, but often fiddles, tin whistles, and Celtic drums make an appearance on Sunday morning. Occasionally guitars as well. We also welcome the special musical contributions of children, who are learning to play their instruments.