Staff and Leadership

The Rev. Miriam Schmidt Pastor/Priest

The Rev. Miriam Schmidt


The Rev. Valerie Webster

Associate Priest

Domingas Tombuela Palmer

Small Saints Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Sarah Gaither Bivins

Clerical &
Communications Assistant

Debbie Crowther Bookkeeper

Debbie Crowther


Joint Council

President: Patrick Miller
VP: Ginna Hermann
Secretary: Ann Scheder-Bieschin
Treasurer: Dennis McCarthy
Other Trustees: Erin Bevan, Colleen Cleary-Boyer, Kim Ranstrom, Bill Vetter

Worship Leaders

Debbie Crowther, Jeanne Miller, Kim Ranstrom, Ellie Nolan, John Loomis, Sarah Gaither Bivins, Leslie Piercy, Colleen Cleary-Boyer, Stan Riley


Bishop Laurie Jungling

Bishop of the Montana Synod of the ELCA

Bishop Marty Stebbins

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Montana