All Saints in Big Sky has returned to in-person Sunday services at Big Sky Chapel.

Additionally, the Sunday service will be
for viewing from home 
on our YouTube Channel:
How We are Loving Our Neighbor at All Saints: Protocols for Worship during a Pandemic


  • Sick and vulnerable people are encouraged to remain at home.
  • All Saints Worship will take place at 10 AM at this time.
  • Masks will be worn: Please bring one from home. Limited supplies will be available.
  • Ushers will direct worshippers to where they can sit. Worshippers are encouraged to maintain social distancing during and after worship.
  • Bulletins will include everything necessary for participation in worship. Hymnals will not be used at this time.
  • Offering plate/basket will be available in Chapel entryway or in our outdoor worship space.
  • The “Peace” will be shared verbally or with a bow/wave/sign of peace.
  • Eucharist celebration will take place upon completion of the service as we recess outside.  If you wish to receive Eucharist, you will find the Eucharist Table to the right of the doors as you leave the Chapel.
  • Music will be primarily instrumental, with occasional vocal soloists or duets.

During this time of COVID-19 transmission, we will be asking all attendees at worship to leave contact information at each worship service they attend for the purposes of potential contact tracing.

Welcome to All Saints in Big Sky

Whether you are a vacationer, a part-time resident, a seasonal worker, or a full-time community member of Big Sky, you are welcome here. Whether you are old or young, single or partnered, married or widowed, alone or with family, retired or working, sure of your faith or still figuring it out, you are welcome here.

At All Saints in Big Sky, you will discover a unique faith community of Episcopalians, Lutherans, persons with a variety of other church backgrounds, and those who are trying out church for the first time.

At our center is God, abounding in mercy and love, made known to us in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Worship in the time of covid

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