About Us


A lot of people come to Big Sky because it’s beautiful. People come to ski and golf, fly-fish and hike. Some people work hard to raise a family here. Others come seasonally, to work or to play.  And let’s be honest, many of the people who come and go from Big Sky never find their way into church. The outdoors is their church, they say. Perhaps you have said the same thing.

While I believe that the majesty and mystery of God can be experienced in the natural world, church offers something more. Church is first of all a community of people who come together to learn and grow in the faith of Christ, in a way that just can’t be done when we are on our own. In church, we hear God’s words of forgiveness and hope, which doesn’t necessarily happen on the slopes. In church, we practice listening for the Holy Spirit’s specific calling for us, as individuals and community. How do we best love God and our neighbor in this time and place?

If you are interested in the “something more” of church, I welcome you to join All Saints in Big Sky on our shared journey of faith. Together, as sisters and brothers, we keep gathering for worship and prayer, formation and outreach. And we keep trusting that the Triune God will find ways to use us to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed, across Big Sky, the USA, and the whole world.

Grace and peace to you.

Pastor Miriam Schmidt