Mission Statement

All Saints in Big Sky:

MISSION: The Mission of All Saints is to celebrate God’s grace and share the love of Christ throughout the Big Sky community and beyond.

VISION:   Led by the Spirit, we strive to welcome all people by engaging and embracing our community, offering a vibrant, prayerful and spiritual home.


GUIDING PRINCIPLES:    Guiding Principles are those fundamental traits that are central to our identity as All Saints.  We agree to hold ourselves accountable to them and strive to embody them in our daily living and life as a congregation.  

Faithful to Christ.   We are redeemed by Christ and seek to follow God’s will through the Holy Spirit.

Welcoming.   As an ecumenical ministry, we strive to include all who seek God’s love, joy and peace.

Worshipping.   We gather together for prayer and song, word and sacrament, encouraging each other in faith.  

Growing Spiritually.   We strengthen our understanding through Christian education and formation.

Encouraging.   Through prayer and love, we work to ease each other’s burdens.

Compassionate.   Our care for others leads us to share our time, talents and resources within our congregation, community and beyond.  

Active Presence.   We listen for God’s will so that our actions make a difference.