Mission Statement

All Saints in Big Sky:  Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

We pursue this mission through commitment to these Goals:

Worship – To preach the Word faithfully and administer the sacraments using the Episcopal Church (EC) and Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) liturgies, glorifying God and attracting new persons to faith and worship.

Ecumenical Action – To create and develop our unique union congregation as we pursue the common mission purpose of the Episcopal and ELCA denominations, reaching out to other faith communities as well.

Stewardship and Equipping – To identify and equip lay leaders as implementers of our mission and to increase our financial giving by building up awareness of our stewardship opportunities and responsibilities.

Outreach Ministry – To reach out and minister to the whole community of Big Sky and beyond, based on our identification of needs and determination of our resources and best responses to those needs.

Guiding Principles – are central things that are to be held to in all circumstances. They are non-negotiable ideals which we agree to be held accountable and may conflict with current practices but we hope not for long.

We of All Saints in Big Sky are called to be guided by the following principles:

CHRIST CENTERED – We discover God’s will for us through Christ.

WELCOMING – God shows no partiality and we won’t either.

PRAYERFUL – The Holy Spirit shows the way when we are still and listen.

ENCOURAGING – God’s work is being done when we encourage one another.

UNIFIED – We are stronger together than apart.

GENEROUS – The generosity that flows from God make us generous people.

ACTION ORIENTED – God works through our hands.