Family Album

We at All Saints are unique in many ways. Our family is often seasonal and its members come from many different locations and faith backgrounds. We come here to share our spiritual journey and are enriched by the fellow pilgrims who travel with us.

Our Family Album allows us to know not only names and faces, but also something about each of our family. If you are not in the album, please fill out the attached informational sheet and return it. The Album editor, Brian Koukol – the old guy with the pony tail – will take your photo or you can email him one (and others which you would like included) and he will set up your page. He will then return a completed page for you to check before it is produced for the Album.

If you don’t have an Album, contact one of the pastors or Brian to get you one. We ask a $25 donation to cover the production of the album. Please indicate that the donation is made for the Album when you place it in the offering plate or mail it in.

We will be adding new family member pages, hopefully on a summer/winter schedule.  Our “Family” includes members, associate members (those who have a home church in another location) and friends (those not belonging to the first two categories yet feeling part of All Saints).